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When people ask me WHATS a ROTTLE, this

Sheba And Kujo had a GORGEOUS Litter!! all Marked, All are spoken for but taking deposits for my fall liters. Kujo will have two more litters very similar to this
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 Please be aware that when I use the term Rotti poo or Rottle it means the same thing But I use both only for Better Search Engine Optimization. 

Breeding Rottle pups for over 9 years. I've slowly developed my Rottipoos to the next level Having multi- generational Lines. I hope you enjoy my new website I'm still working to get the other site back up and running but for now welcome to the new Site.


 *I'm using the key words Rottipoo, Rottle, And Rottiepoo through out this paragraph simply for web bots to find this site. I'm not referring to the different words because the dogs are different. * 

 My name is Corinne, me and mother Joann operate English Manor Labradoodles and English Manor Arabians. I was born and raised in NJ and have always had a sincere love for animals. I work with raising foals since we breed Arabian horses and I'm also a Certified Dog Trainer with ABC . I have a natural "Knack" and work in Behavior Modification of Aggressive dogs. We set out on breeding dogs back in 2006 and established English Manor Labradoodles with the intent to produce sound healthy Australian Labradoodles from the Authentic lines from Rutland Manor that were bred specifically for Therapy work.  We have since established ourselves as the largest breeder of AUTHENTIC Australian Labradoodles on the East Coast. I myself have always had a love for Rottweilers and after some time decided I would like to breed my Rottweiler Female "Shayna" to one of our Authentic Australian Stud Males. A Rottle side project since we do remain pretty busy with two other businesses that we are maintaining . From the first few litters of Rottweiler/ Australian Labradoodle crosses I retained some Rottles ( Sasha and Kujo) that I would later breed on for a multi-generational  Rotti-poo. I was the first person to attempt the Second Generational Line and the only person to have access to Australian Labradoodles. A lot of people will say to me "your the only person doing this". Well some people have bred their Rottweilers to a Poodle for an occasional litter or " Ooops " litters. I'm more dedicated to slowly seeing my line develop and Create something new. I do have a vision and its still in the making . I've been working on this since 2008. I'm limited to how many dogs I can keep so ten years later I'm about to Produce my first litter of Fb2's. There is a lot of time involved in developing a line, You have to raise them till they are ready to breed hope they breed, retain there rottle pups, wait for them to grew up and hunt down outcross lines or completely develop your own outcross line. A lot of dogs, a lot of time. Most breeders just don't have the time to , space to, or the Patience. I choose to do this Slow and steady.    


Some of the pictures you see to the right of your screen are our Arabian Horses who have shown Nationally and hold titles as well as an Authentic Australian Labradoodle who remains one of the top Sires at English Manor Labradoodles. 


Pups are $2700