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Thank you for considering a Rottle pup. ALL PUPS ARE $2700 



 Price $2700

                                                   UPDATED 3/2/2021
           ZENA ARMANI LITTER BORN ON CHRISTMAS 12/25/2020 taking reservations
  Also a Zena/Armani 8 month old Potty trained female is available $4800 
 The pictures you see below are pictures from 
 my previous litters they are only here for your 
reference to see how my females cross from various 
studs and what you can expect from my breeding 
program. I typically produce a cross called an F1B
this is NOT a Rottweiler bred to a Poodle. 
A F1B is a multi-generational cross that are
NON-Shedding Hypo-allergenic. The picture to the
 right is an example of one of my F1B's. His sire is
 my Armani(Purebred Poodle) bred to my Sasha who is 1/2 Rottweiler 1/2 Australian Labradoodle.My Breeding program involves. Rottweilers, Poodles, and Australian Labradoodle AKA Cobba dogs , this Australian Labradoodle line is so far along Generationally speaking they are actually a PUREBRED dog. 
For more info on Australian Labradoodles please see Rutland Manor Labradoodles the founder of that breed.
Very Much like the Founder of the Australian Labradoodle who continued to build and develop her lines to reach a specific goal , I too have set out to do the Same with my Rottles. YOU CAN NOT JUST BREED TWO DIFFERENT BREEDS TOGETHER AND GET WHAT YOU WERE AIMING TO ACHEIVE IN BREEDING, IT TAKES Generation upon generation and selective breeding to achieve your goal.
I Have a vision for my line, a particular build, a particular coat type, and a particular Temperament. I'm Extremely successful with My F1B's but I'm taking it further, and I'm now working on my third outcross line so that I will be able to breed my F1B's to F1B to produce F2's.

 Sheba/ Bentley 2019 litter All theses puppies are spoken for, I'm leaving them on my website so that people can see what Sheba produces

  Zena / Armani Puppies Below

Below are pictures of Armani/Zena's first litter they are all spoken for I'm leaving them on my website so people can get a feel for what Zena/ Armani produce. 

Zena and Armani honey mooned for a December 2020 litter which would be going home in March 2021 only taking a few deposits. the pups you see below are from her first litter with Armani back in 2019

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