Available Rottles

Thank you for considering a Rottle pup. ALL PUPS ARE $2700 



 Price $2700

                                                   UPDATED 6/4/2021

We currently have no "Available" Puppies but anxiously await Sheba/ Kujo litter due in June 2021


I"M Always Accepting deposits and growing my waitlist.

They are $2700 Firm Unless you request Potty training. My Potty trained puppies will remain with me until I feel confident the puppy understands Potty training. This means a Potty trained puppy might remain with me until its 5-6 months old. I Will only take two reservations for Potty Training per litter. Potty trained puppies are $5,000 

HOW does Deposits work?: 
Deposit is $500 This goes towards the purchase price of your puppy. According to the date I receive deposit you are added to my list. If you are the third person on my list and you want a female but my two depositors before you also wanted female this would make you third choice female. If the depositors before you wanted males that would make you first choice female. 
I request everyone select a preferred gender. In the case I don't have your Gender I will either honor your deposit towards my next litter or refund your deposit. I do not honor Color,

Are deposits Refundable?:

Deposits are only refundable in the event I don't have your Gender or Non-shedding Qualities. If you opt to use your deposit towards the next litter ( only in the event I could not provide your gender or non-shedding puppy) you are then moved to top of the next litter.  I ask that anyone sending me deposits not have any pending moves/ relocations, in the middle of remodeling your home or building a fence, Vacations to Bora Bora for a month, or that your pregnant!!! These are not Good times to bringing a puppy into your household. Its best to be in a very settled time in your life so that when you bring a puppy into your life you have at least a few months to settle into it. Its okay to own a dog with a full time JOB but setting up an afternoon sitter is best for a young puppy. This will help support Potty training and I encourage this until the puppy is about 4 months. This also allows for you to meet a Pet sitter incase anything comes up in the future. I LOVE PET SITTERS and recommend Sitters instead of boarding your DOG.  

What is an F1b:
MOST of my puppies I produce are F1b puppies. This is a generational term referring to the Genetics, an attempt at reinforcing the non-shedding - hypo-allergenic Qualities. 
Rottweiler Bred to Poodle = F1 or First Generation ( the start of creating a new dog breed, still shed)
F1 bred Back to a poodle= F1B ( non shedding )

                                        This is MAX one of my F1b's he has a wavy non-shedding fleece coat. Though traditionally the idea of                                             the Rottle is a Rottweiler/poodle. My Line is different in that I used Australian Labradoodle instead of                                             Poodle. Trying to keep the larger blockier heads and stronger build. When you purchase a dog from me                                            you are getting literally my design. So referring to websites that give descriptions of "Rottles" is                                                  basically pointless. I know my line and I know there temperaments. They are extremely good Family dogs                                          and do well with children and other animals.  973-229-1848





 Sheba/ Bentley 2019 litter All theses puppies are spoken for, I'm leaving them on my website so that people can see what Sheba produces

  Zena / Armani Puppies Below

Below are pictures of Armani/Zena's first litter they are all spoken for I'm leaving them on my website so people can get a feel for what Zena/ Armani produce.