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The Girls and Boys 

On this page you will find Pictures and descriptions of our Breeding Stock please refer to this page when seeking pictures of Moms and Sires of your puppies. Please be aware that often times with F1b's  the resulting puppies are a "new" genetic creation and DO NOT resemble their parents in the least bit. 


 Armani is our main stud Dog currently being used in our F1B Rottle ,Rotti-poo program.  Armani is a Purebred poodle In the fancy Phantom Markings. He is a blessing to my program and I was extremely  fortunate to have acquired him. The Phantom marked poodles are very rare since they were culled many Centuries ago because they were considered inferior to solid coated dogs. It has not been until the last few decades some very famous poodle breeders fought to save and try to breed for this Genetic again.  The AKC does not recognize the marking and so no poodles with Phantom Markings can be shown. Kitsu having some of the best Poodles in the world was one such breeder who sought to bring back the markings and so a lot of the Phantom marked Poodles are from some of the best Poodle blood in the world. Kitsu imported into America some of the Grand Champions from the UKC Registery. Armani is from the Kitsu lineage.We look forward to some of Armani's up and coming Rottle pups.

 Armani is a NON FADING Phantom which is rare within the Genetic. Many of the Phantom Genetics run along side a Fading gene which causes many Phantom Poodles to fade to Grey. The Poodle world tries to breed the fading gene out but it's not easy. Its very prominent  within there gene pool.

 Armani also comes with one of the best personalities I've ever encountered from a dog. This dog is a natural born Therapy dog. He barely ever barks. Always content. Never pulled on a leash. Recognizes a weakness you might have and waits. Never runs off.  I was injured on crutches and was able to pull him out on a leash and he took two steps and stopped until I caught up, then would take two steps and wait for me to catch up , never pulled. Stayed at my side. He will often gently place his head underneath your hand for comfort. 



Kujo is from my very first Breeding. Kujo's mother is Shayna my Rottweiler and Sired by Spencer one of our Authentic Australian Labradoodles. Kujo has an incredible Lush soft coat with lots of fleece running through it. Kujo does shed but very minimal and if he does it's only a little bit and only for a month or two. Its very light seasonal shedding. This is often the case with the 50/50. They shed but a lot less. He has some beautiful F1b litters but Currently is waiting on some outcross females to come of age for breeding.  Future Rottie-poos from KUJO !

Kujo is Sired  by Spencer a dog that has a very similar if not identical personality to Armani. Spencer was specifically bred within the Rutland Manor Lineage to be and outstanding Therapy assistance dog. Assistance dogs are often needed to be taller than the Therapy dogs same temperament but more size. Kujo is very much a reflection of a mixture of the Temperaments. Kujo being half Rottweiler half Australian  Labradoodle he is friendly but does give a warning bark to a stranger and doesn't not immediately want a meet and greet with someone he does not know. 

Kujo as a pup

Kujo will not be aggressive to the point of biting someone but he will let you know your on his moms (me) territory. I often let Kujo lose if I'm in the barn by myself tending to my animals he keeps me informed of possible dangers. He did once scare a guy that unexpectedly showed up on the grounds Kujo's bark and low growling did deter the stranger and he did leave. I told him the dog could get aggressive and was trained. I think if I was in danger that Kujo would get involved. Rottweilers and dogs in general do seem to have a sense about things. We love our KUJO !


Sheba is my current flagship female. She encompasses almost all the traits I envision for the future of my breeding program . Sheba sports an incredible Fleece Non shedding coat. The bone she has and body is more shaped to the stockier build of the Rottweiler. She has a wide forehead and shorter nose of the Rott. Her Importance in my breeding program is unmatched since like Kujo she also links back to my Australian Labradoodle lines. Extremely excited for her litter with Kujo. For 2021 

Her temperament is Jolly and Fun , she exudes happiness and she LOVES food. She is quiet and so only Barks if alerted to a stranger. 

This litter will be  stamped with my typical unbeatable Fun Happy Temperament. I get in all my puppies.  


Shakira Is an Outcross female I purchased from another breeder, yes for the first time in the 13 years of me developing my lines there is actually another breeder who is giving this a try!! Hooray!! This was a fantastic opportunity for me to get an F1 Outcross of course she is Just a little baby yet but I look forward to introducing her line into mine. I think this breeder did a beautiful Job and I Love her breeding Stock, she's going to do Great. She like myself looks like she is in it for the long haul. Shakira was literally a match made in heaven for my breeding program. Her temperament is exactly what I'm shooting for.  Lots of Bone and size of the rott. She's my Butter Ball.. Only barks if alerted just a Doll to be around. The BEST IS YET TO COME  !! stay tuned. 

Rottie poo

ZENA F1 Rottle

3/30/2023 :

ZENA has been reining queen here for the last couple years Recently retired Her daughter EVE and Son GUCCI will continue her line. She was only bred to Armani Her children have amazing temperaments and highly intelligent, Currently looking for her furever home. 


Sasha  Is a long time favorite breeding female of she literally acquired fans through her Rottle pups. On average a person that purchased a Sasha x Armani pup ended up purchasing three ! People would say it was the golden cross.


Sasha is a 50/50. Her mother was Shayna my Rottweiler and her father was  Rock Hudson one of our famous Australian  Labradoodle sires. Rock Hudson has the most sought after Bloodlines within the Australian Labradoodle world known for the most powerful Therapy dog line within the gene pool. Rocky's ( As we call him) grandfather was so special they wrote a book about him. He became a Seizure Service dog and became one of the best ever saving lives. 

Sasha like Kujo is the same with strangers she will bark/ growl a bit but not attack. She takes her time warming up to people but she's never been socialized, neither has Kujo this is just the way they flow. I don't have to ' Worry" my dogs are going to do anything. They are Balanced. 

Shayna how everything got started 

In lovingMemory  Febuary 2007- January 2019
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